About Us

I have been a Registered Dental Hygienist since 1984. I have always been good with fine details and that is that intrigued me with permanent makeup. I myself have very light and sparse eyebrows and wanted permanent makeup done to enhance my eye features. Putting eyebrow pencil on every day was not a problem but I thought it would be very nice not to have to do that every morning. I did not know anyone that performed permanent makeup here in Indianapolis, Indiana and I wanted to make sure the process was done just the right way with just the right colors. That is why I went down to Florida to receive my certificate and learn the latest European techniques. After about a year of learning, I went to another academy in Las Vegas, to get the second certificate. The academy was the American Academy of Micro-pigmentation.

After 5 years plus of performing permanent make up, the American Academy of Micropigmentation will allow you to become an instructor, if you pass their testing. In 2006, I passed their instructors test (in Arizona) and I am certified to instruct students to learn this wonderful and exciting profession. Not everyone is good at this. It takes an good artistic eye, steady hands, a great listener, it helps to have a medical or dental background (but not needed), and one who is very particular. OSHA compliance* is always a must!!!!! I do certify students in the OSHA regulations in my class.

Every time I do a procedure it is so exciting to see the end result. Teaching students is very rewarding. When they call me and tell me they are doing great, it thrills me! It definitely is a growing and exciting field.

In Aug. 2011, I received my Dental Anesthetic licence to administer anesthetic.  I will be able to use this technique when and if needed.  So far, all my  permanent Cosmetic procedures are easy and really do not require anything but a topical anesthetic.

February 2012, Certification for Dental Botoxins and fillers was achieved.  I do utilize my Dental anesthetic to give a dental blocks for the fillers to make sure my clients are as comfortable as possible.   (I preform under Dr. Echeverria.)

Kathleen Moreillon; R.D.H., C.M.I, (Member of the American Acadamy of Micropigmentation)

*All my procedures are to OSHA standards and everything is single used.

Classes available at request:
Classes are limited to 2-4 students.
Call to reserve your time. (317) 490-9069.

Please call Kathleen if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment at (317) 490-9069.

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